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Live for the Moments and Explore the World
by Adrienne Jordan

The heart-pounding anticipation of arriving in a new country, the warm smiles from locals, the thrill of being immersed in new customs and languages… this is why I travel. As a travel writer, I journey to off-the-beaten path destinations where I can uncover untold stories. What I’ve learned above all is you’ll never regret seizing the moment to make memories for a lifetime—and that’s just what I did on my recent trip to Myanmar.

In my travels I’ve ventured to almost every continent. And I’ll say, I often enjoy traveling solo and consider myself an expert researcher in preparing for the languages, customs and how to navigate around. My trip to Myanmar as a guest on a Trafalgar guided vacation, however, showed me something different and unexpected. Past the unique local cultures themselves, it was just how I discovered them that came as the real surprise.

Trafalgar created a complete ease of travel, where doors open to fascinating insights of cultures, and you learn about locals from a one-on-one viewpoint. Our expert Travel Director was with us all the way, making me feel very secure as he knew the language and was well-connected locally. With all the logistics of the trip taken care of, I could allow myself to be taken over by the sounds, smells, and sights of the country.

Through Trafalgar’s connections, I experienced the country in its authentic cultural state that not many have seen. For all the independent travel that I do, I can say with certainty I would not have had this in-depth exposure to the culture of Myanmar without Trafalgar.

Travel itself is about more than just seeing places. It’s experiencing them and letting them take over your senses, your mind, your soul. Make this your year to not put your life on hold; to take yourself on a journey where you’ll deepen your knowledge and your understanding of the world, and of yourself. After all, the best moments for a lifetime are created when you’re living for the moment today.

Adrienne Jordan is a New York City-based travel/lifestyle writer and photographer. She contributes to National Geographic Traveler, USA Today, BBC Travel, Travel+Leisure, Men’s Journal and others.