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Australian Food & Wine

Australia’s food and wine scene is bursting with creative chefs, skilled purveyors and exciting winemakers producing fresh and innovative flavors that are the envy of the world.

With a rich and varied landscape capable of supporting a variety of fresh and tantalizing produce coupled with a long immigrant history, Australia’s fusion food really sets itself apart. Multicultural diversity influences each producer’s enthusiasm, passion and experimentation in a different fashion allowing for a uniquely Australian style to unfold.

Australia’s chefs have a long history of innovative and unique designs. Cheong Liew and Tetsya Wakuda created the style of fusing Asian flavors with European techniques, Peter Conistis added Australian influences to the Greek food of his heritage, while other chefs mixed international influences from Asia and Italy to fashion uniquely Australian dishes.

A key foundation of Australia’s unique offerings is the quality and range of produce available to the artisans. The varying climate zones support almost every form of produce including tropical fruits, the unique indigenous ingredients offer distinct flavors, while the pristine seas and rivers are rich with a variety of seafood. From Tasmania’s salmon and freshly shucked oysters and the Northern Territory’s barramundi, to Western Australia’s black truffles and prized wagyu beef and South Australia’s tender lamb.

Home to more than 60 wine regions, Australia is well known for its wine production with major brands including Bimbadgen Estate, Jacob’s Creek, Yalumba and Wolf Blass. Cellar doors dot the countryside, each with their own personality and signature offerings, many with behind the scenes tours, wine appreciation classes and quality restaurants.

Enjoying the fruits of Australia is hard not to do on a visit to Australia. Whether you are eating in a five star restaurant or enjoying fish and chips on the beach, the quality of the menu and the fresh flavors will have you hooked at first bite. Food and wine festivals fill the streets each season showcasing the rich produce and creations, while specific food and wine trails have been created to help you explore and discover the very best the country has to offer. While a vacation to Australia may not initially be about food or wine, pairing the beautiful weather and stunning outdoor lifestyle with some of the world’s best food and wine is bound to have you returning home with a new appreciation for this amazing country.