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For those seeking out a hiking adventure, Anderson Vacations has plenty to offer. From rugged pathways and journeys that quicken the pace (and the heart for that matter) to a casual, contemplative stroll, British Columbia and Alberta have it all. From a walk in the woods to a wilderness backpacking trip, from a stroll on the beach to a helicopter-accessed alpine trek, British Columbia and Alberta’s hiking trails offer every kind of hike or walk.

There are hundreds of hiking trails in British Columbia, and they are located in spectacular natural settings. After all, BC has more than 850 parks and protected areas along with year-round resorts. Every type of excursion is available, from short walks on well-marked nature trails to thigh-burning multi-day wilderness backpacking trips. The landscapes are as varied as the trails: choose from rainforest, coastline, mountains, glaciers, grasslands, rivers, marshes, waterfalls, lakes, canyons, desert and more. Mountain resorts operate ski lifts during the summer to help hikers reach the trailheads, local volunteer groups have transformed abandoned rail lines into long distance trails, and even major cities have car-free pedestrian paths for urban hikes. The best-known trail in British Columbia is the internationally acclaimed West Coast Trail on southern Vancouver Island. Hikers come from all over the world for this challenging 75km/47mi coastal route, known for both its beauty and physically demanding nature.

Not to be outdone, Alberta also offers thousands of kilometres of outstanding hiking trails. One of the rewards of exploring them is beholding some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world. Visitors can satisfy their wanderlust and live in the moment on great hikes that offer spectacular views. From Banff National Park with its unforgettable views of Lake Louise to Jasper National Park where you can take the paved Path of the Glacier, overlooking a breathtaking viewpoint of Angel Glacier.  Some of the awe-inspiring summits of the Canadian Rockies may look impossible to climb by anyone but seasoned mountaineers however, now many can clamber to these pinnacles via Banff Mt Norquay’s new Via Ferrata. This new exhilarating mountain escapade empowers even the inexperienced climber, who is adventure-spirited enough to stomach the heights, to climb the jagged rock walls of Memorial, Sunrise and Vista Buttresses above the town of Banff. Equipped with a camera, you’re ready to ascend and conquer, capturing all the action as you go.
Anderson Vacations offer dynamic packages that capture exactly what you are looking for in your next hiking adventure!